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I took an unintentional writing break over the summer.  I would guess that I actually wrote fifteen times over a ten week period with the objective to get ten chapters done. I did not hit my goal. Summer writing resulted in five chapters. Four of which need serious work. I had the ambition to write but not the bandwidth or the structure to go with it.


Now, that summer is over and school is in session. I have begun to work on the second novel Slingshot. I'm in the phase of hammering out the overall story, researching details, using my imagination and building a bridge from one book to the next. 

When it comes to writing, after I have taken a long break. It's hard to get that momentum going again. It makes me think of the image of a water wheel attached to a house. That I have to get the water flowing to move that creative wheel. I need to wash off the spider webs and get that creaky circle running at full speed.

At this point, there is a trickle of creative thought not enough to move the wheel but soon the trickle will change to a solid stream and finally rushing water that will move that wheel and produce numerous chapters. For those of you, wondering about the next book. It is currently in the state of basic framework, light details and being written at a furious pace.



J.C. Benthin has been writing since a young age winning a Father's Day essay contest with the Kansas City Star justifying "Why my Dad’s the Best Outdoorsman" which won a John Deere Lawnmower and a Webber Grill. In college, a literary agent pursued the author for a collection of essays.  Adulthood brought the opportunity to write stories for a next generation interactive publisher as well as an option on a screenplay by a Hollywood producer. The Kingston Chronicles initially began with a TV pilot titled “Three Zero” and expanded into a novel set ten years earlier. The author resides in Berkeley, California.

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